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Our knowledgeable experienced staff can help and advise on the sensitive and complicated issues surrounding Employment Law to promote good employer-employee relationships.

Employment Law – Employer

Whether you are:

  • Taking on new Employees
  • Wanting to create a Staff Handbook(s)
  • Needing a Contract of Employment/ Written Particulars
  • Requiring advice about TUPE transfers
  • Seeking advice and guidance on best practice
  • Needing information and advice on Redundancy Policies and Guidance
  • Wanting information on Health & Safety within the work place
  • Defending claims made under employment legislation

We can help by providing:

  • Help and support
  • Information on how to establish and grow your business by selecting the right employees
  • Support and guidance on best practice and procedure
  • Advice that is tailored to the individual and changing the needs of your business


Employment Law – Employee

If you:

  • Have been dismissed unfairly
  • Are a victim of wrongful dismissal
  • Have suffered from discrimination within the workplace
  • Have been subjected to Breach of Contract

We can help by providing:

  • Advice upon your circumstances and a review of the terms and conditions which apply to you to assess the strength of your case and how to progress.


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