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Marriage and Family

Marriage and Family

We can help with:

Prenuptial Agreements

These are becoming increasingly important and carry much more weight with courts than previously. We can assist you on the contents and the drafting of these agreements which can give you an opportunity to state what should happen if the marriage then breaks down.

Separation Agreements

We understand that once a relationship breaks down it is sensible to try and reach an agreement about the division of assets and liabilities and the arrangements for the care of children. That agreement can be incorporated into a written document which offers peace of mind for the future. We can offer advice on the terms of the agreement and how that can be reflected in a written document.


When a marriage breaks down it can be ended by divorce. We can handle the divorce process on your behalf advising you on the consequence of divorce and the steps that should be taken following the divorce to plan for the future.

Relationship Breakdown and Financial Consequences

We can offer expert advice on the financial consequences of relationship breakdown whether this is a result of breakdown of marriage, cohabitation or civil partnership. The consequences can be different and a full understanding of what is possible is necessary. We can help you identify assets and liabilities and make decisions about the future. We can draft the necessary documents on your behalf to ensure that any agreement reached is given full effect. We can act for you in court proceedings if agreement is not possible and draw up all the relevant documents to ensure that the case proceeds as quickly as possible.

Change of Name

Following divorce or separation parties often wish to change their surname and we can draft the necessary documents for you to ensure that this will be recognised by government departments and the like.


On breakdown of a relationship the future of the children is of paramount concern to everybody involved. We can assist you in negotiating care arrangements and contact with children. If no agreement is possible then we can guide you through the court process to

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