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Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

During lockdown, many people may have gotten to know their neighbours better. However, recent reports suggest that the number of complaints made about neighbours to the police and local authorities has increased steadily over the past few months. Disputes between neighbours can range from a variety of issues including:


A significant proportion of neighbour disputes can be categorised as disputes giving rise to a private nuisance. In law, nuisance can be defined as an act which interferes with another person’s land. The most common examples include noise nuisance or nuisance caused by flooding.

Boundary Disputes

Gardening has proven to be a popular hobby for many people during the recent lockdown. However, it is important to recognise that any gardening work must not affect neighbouring property. Quite often, the erection of fences or the planting of trees can interfere with the boundaries between two properties. In situations such as this, it is strongly recommended that you review the title deeds to your property in an attempt to establish where the correct boundary line lies and to obtain the consent of your neighbour prior to carrying out any significant gardening work.


If you or your neighbour has installed CCTV, it is imperative that any cameras are pointing onto your land only, and not onto your neighbour’s property. The purpose of domestic CCTV is, first and foremost, to protect property and not to infringe upon anyone else’s rights to privacy. If you are unsure as to whether the installation of CCTV footage is unlawful, then please refer to the guidance published by the Information Commissioner’s Officer (ICO).

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